AIIB Announce friendlies against British Isles Civil Service

The annual friendly games between the AIIB International Team and the British Isles Civil Service IBA will be held in County Antrim IBC on Saturday 11th February (2PM) and Sunday 12th February (10AM). The following players have been selected for these matches. All players including reserves are asked to attend.
Rink One
Lead Stephen Kirkwood (BIBC)
Second Michael Merritt (BIBC)
Third Alistair Coleman (CAIBC)
Skip Andy Duncan (CAIBC)

Rink Two
Lead Darren Atkinson (BIBC)
Second Alistair Kennedy (BCIBC)
Third Stuart Bennett (BIBC)
Skip Barry Kane (BCIBC)

Rink Three
Lead Mark McPeak (BIBC)
Second Gary McCloy (BCIBC)
Third Simon Martin (BIBC)
Skip Ian McClure (BCIBC)

Rink Four
Lead Paul Prunty (BIBC)
Second Derek Smith (BCIBC)
Third Graham McKee (CAIBC)
Skip Andrew Kyle (CAIBC)

Rink Five
Lead Chris Eadie (BIBC)
Second Paul McEwan (BIBC)
Third David Corkill (BIBC)
Skip Gary Kelly (BCIBC)

Rink Six
Lead John R Nicholl (CAIBC)
Second John McCullough (BIBC)
Third Neil Mulholland (BIBC)
Skip Stephen Coleman (CAIBC)

Nigel Robinson (BCIBC)
Brian Trimble (CAIBC)

Any player who is not available must inform the Team Manager Roy McCune (07729444269) as soon as possible. All players are asked to report at 1.30PM on Saturday and 9.30AM on Sunday. Dress will be White trousers and Irish shirts.

This game is always a useful workout for our international team against a talented side. All spectators will be welcome to come along and support the team.

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