Under 25 Team Announced

The following players have been selected to represent Ireland in the Under 25 International Series which will be held in Stanley IBC England on Saturday 15th Feb and Sunday 16th Feb 2020.

Rink 1 – S.Barkley (CAIBC), C.Sloan (BIBC)*, R.Cavan (BIBC), J.Watson (BIBC)

Rink 2 – D.Mills (BIBC), S.Martin (BCIBC), M.Petticrew (CAIBC), A.McKeown (CAIBC)

Rink 3 – J.Kyle (CAIBC)*, A.Coleman (CAIBC), R.McElroy (BIBC), S.Kirkwood (Capt.) (BIBC)

Rink 4 – B.Hutchinson (BCIBC), B.Stirling (BCIBC)*, J.Moffett (CAIBC)*, M.Albert (CAIBC)

Reserves – C.Gaw (BIBC)*, G.Monaghan (BIBC)

New Cap *

All players must confirm their availability to Team Manager John Nicholl (07715004382) as soon as possible.